Bomb Jocks

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This is a bit of description of what it was like overseas in Afghanistan whilst on QRF in Tarin Kowt. We would have first parade in the morning to do stores checks and check out the vehicles to make everything was good to go in case we had a call out. The daily ritual would then be to line up in our sections and sometimes as a Platoon and do a visual check of all our personal stores that were required for stepping off. The last part would then involve checking that we were wearing our ballistic underwear, affectionately called bomb jocks. This would lead to us all dropping trou in the stables and showing that we were wearing the required goods.

-As a side note, these things were good to go. They're made with a percentage of silk within the material to protect our undercarriage from secondary (fragmentation) and tertiary (blunt and penetrating trauma) blast effects. (primary blast effects rupture the fluid and air filled sacs within the body i.e. lungs, so these shorts aren't helping that) the reason for bringing these in was due to information gained from the brits. They had had a small number of British servicemen who had had their genitals explosively removed on deployments overseas from IED strikes, a truly horrific prospect, and the majority of these men upon return from deployment had committed suicide. These were hopefully going to keep our junk intact and reduce the chances of suicide post deployment.-

So in closing, it was potentially a good bit of kit and thankfully we didn't have to test their capability for real. However the army way of doing things usually leads to a strange back end result, such as the surreal job of standing in the open with the rest of your Platoon bearing your junk to the world. Good times indeed.


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