Catch 22

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'Without realising how it had come about, the combat men in the squadron discovered themselves dominated by the administrators appointed to serve them.'

This book is a great read, especially if you have experienced some of the absurdities of being in the military first hand. Hitting the section quoted above in the book stopped me in my tracks as I thought about the amount of times we complained about similar situations in the battalion.

This book is set during the second world war, was written around the time of the korean war and released in time for vietman. It's still an involving and relevant read now. If you're not a big reader, you may get bogged down a bit, but keep on trucking with it, it's worth it.  It follows Yossarian and his desire to go home after fulfilling his obligation of bombing runs, but the commander keeps raising the number of runs required to be sent home just beyond reach. The stories illustrating daily life on a military base on operations are a great insight and the levels of drunkenness are commendable.

There are a million reviews out on this book if you wish to investigate it more before buying, we mostly wanted to highlight this book as a great read and have an excuse to quote the line at the beginning. It goes to show that it's the same old shit that hasn't changed much; the admin gurus end up ruling the roost and dictating battle rhythm for some reason and we become beholden to Q staff who won't give out equipment due to stock takes and other support people bamboozling the rank into getting warfighter to do work parties while the relevant staff go do bullshit do-nothing meetings instead. etc. etc.

Stay strong and embrace the pineapple. 


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