Kokoda trekking

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A friend of BD went on a track over the Kokoda track and was contacted for some insight into the experience.

"What a humbling experience it is following the footsteps of our brothers from so many years ago as they defended our great nation against the menace of a rising sun. Let us never forget the sacrifices made in the rugged mountains and thick jungles of the Kokoda track to keep our young nation free. Thanks to the heroic effort of the fuzzy wuzzy angels many of our boys were given a second chance. Through the darkest horrors of the mud, sweat and blood of that rugged track the anzac legend was further forged. Immortal, from Gallipoli to Afghanistan the legend forever grows. Our proud history beating like thunder in our hearts as we stand ready to defend our golden shores and all that is free.

Anyone looking for a challenge and/or some inspiration, I definitely recommend taking the journey so many young Australians did in 1942 to halt the advance of a seemingly unstoppable foe.

An unforgettable experience. Lest we forget."

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