Pace counter/Ranger beads

Pace counter/Ranger beads

The time-tested way to keep track of distance you’ve traveled in difficult terrain or conditions. Military personnel have used such simple devices for decades as an easy way to keep track of distance traveled during terrain navigation. This becomes essential during night time movement. The beads work by separating them according to a reached pace count to calculate the distance you’ve traveled (It’s not as hard as it sounds).


-after pacing off 100 metres pull down on bead from the nine (9) bead section

-continue until all nine beads have been pulled down

- after walking another 100 metres pull down one (1) bead from the four (4) bead section and slide all nine beads back to the top. This should mark 1 kilometre depending on your stride (test your stride length)

-repeat steps above until all beads are pulled down (both 9 and 4 bead sections) this should be 5 kilometres